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Our Programs 

Our programs are culturally responsive, self-affirming, and help to restore the life outcomes of the youth we serve.

Coming Up!

Restorative Cities Training in Wilmington, Delaware!

Introduction to Restorative Cities 

May 20th  --  9am - 4pm

Wilmington Library (Jacob Broom Room)

What is the Restorative Cities Initiative?

Restorative Cities Initiative is a community organizing model for Neighborhoods and their Neighbors (i.e. residents, workers, and visitors).

Through training, coaching, and community organizing, the Restorative Cities Initiative encourages our formal and informal neighbors to collaboratively organize whole neighborhoods in the implementation of Restorative Practices (including those supporting Restorative Justice).

This introductory course is the first in a series of THREE certified trainings that will take place during the month of May. Once you complete the May 20th intro, you can move forward to the Circles and Trauma training on May 26th & 27th. Check out the flyer for more information!

Our Community Projects

crp-wellness kits.jpeg

Community  Empowerment

Cultural Community Center 

Coming Soon!

Community Engagement

Dropping off Wellness Kits for West Center City Senior Center!!!

Community Spaces

We are making progress on the Sankofa Healing Space at 25th Sankofa! We are planning a fall 2022 opening. 

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